Building Your Leadership Presence

A person who is fully self aware, comfortable and confident in their own skin and is being totally present in the conversation makes other people feel important and confident in their own skin.

When you are so comfortable in your own skin that you radiate confidence and calm in any situation, that is when you unconsciously give others the confidence to be themselves.

The first step in building your powerful leadership presence is self-awareness.

  • Take time for self-reflection and evaluation.
  • Acknowledge and own your strengths.
  • Acknowledge and own your weaknesses.
  • Surround yourself with trusted people who will give you honest feedback not just those who will stroke your ego.
  • Catch yourself in moments of self-criticism that is unwarranted.
  • Let go of perfectionism. Breathe.
  • Cultivate a habit of being totally in the moment when you are speaking with someone. Listen fully.

You will notice a strange thing happening.

The more you cultivate true self-awareness the less it becomes about you and the more it becomes about the person you are talking to.

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