Leaders Constantly Look For New Knowledge

Fundamental #1: Believe in yourself and never stop learning.

You’ve probably known someone who’s been referred to as “a born leader,” and maybe that appellative gave you the impression that every successful leader must have an inherent gift.


Well, let’s start by debunking this myth. The truth is this: everyone has the potential to become a leader.


But before you become a great leader, you need to understand that this ability is already inside you and that it can be built upon.


Look within and find out what you consider important in your life. Ask yourself, “What challenges have I faced?” And, “What kind of encouragement did I use?”


Chances are, you have overcome significant challenges in life, and you can use these past events as ways to motivate and lead others.


To really bring that into action, let’s go over the first self-coaching exercise.


Before you start your day, stop and ask yourself four questions:

Who am I?

What do I do?

How do I make a difference?

What will I do today that really matters?


Write down your answers to these questions on your phone or on a piece of paper, and carry those answers with you. This way, you can always refer to it if things get difficult and remind yourself of the day’s goal.


This is a simple and effective way to stay motivated, accomplish your goals and gain confidence in yourself as a leader.


It’s also important to remember that one of the best skills you can have is a willingness to learn.


All great leaders are constantly looking for new knowledge. They work hard and remain focused on growing and gaining more skills.


Take me as an example, I am well aware that my clients wouldn’t hire me if I wasn’t constantly learning and keeping up with the newest trends. I read before I sleep sometimes for hours everynight. That is why my eyebags is very visible but I love knowledge and itu amanah ibu. 


You should have a similar mind-set and know that if you want to be seen as a valuable leader, you need to always be learning.


Start learning consistently.

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