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A true leader

A true leader is not born, but made.

A true leader leads with love and boundless faith.

A true leader is reconnected with his source, and it overflows to those around him.

A true leader doesn’t care if he is the leader, as long as he inspires his people, to their own greatness.

A true leader holds a vision greater than himself, and doesn’t let go until it is achieved.

A true leader sees the essence of his people and not just, the customs others perceive.

A true leader celebrates the victories and challenges the failures, to take his people to where they have never been.

A true leader empowers others, but not micromanages.

A true leader is the example others seek to live.

A true leader trusts others before they trust him. And serves others before they have served him.

A true leader doesn’t settle on mediocrities, but constantly returns others, to their own greatness.

A true leader is the example he seeks to set.

A true leader uses we instead of I. Gives and rarely asks, but rather motivates others to ask themselves what they really want, and then supports them on that.

A true leader understands it is not in making followers what will cause him to succeed, but developing leaders.

A true leader cries when he needs to cry, but then gets up stronger than before.

A true leader is the power of God in the human soul, manifesting love and the joy of life.

A true leader is faith unannounced.

A true leader is spirit profound.

A true leader is life expressed.

A true leader is truth professed.

Source : Poem A True Leader by Jennifer Mualin.

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